Professional Skip Tracing

Whether you are looking for people who escaped financial responsibility or individuals trying to hide from the law, Warren Batiste of Lachlin & Associates offers his services to fulfill your needs. He has the experience and uses the most advanced technology available to locate missing parties that are vital to your court case.

Warren will work with you to obtain important pieces of information that will help you locate the defendant. These include addresses (residential and business), telephone numbers, and more.

What Is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is the process of locating a person for a variety of reasons, including serving subpoenas, divorce papers, foreclosure action, and other legal documents that are crucial to proceeding with your case. Warren is more than capable of performing this task with efficiency and professionalism.

Why Hire a Professional for Skip Tracing?

While it is possible to locate a person on your own, the process can take a lot of time, money, and legwork. It can mean hours of fruitless research and numerous trips to the courthouse to browse through public records. Free internet search engines can occasionally be helpful. However, the best services will cost you a fee. 

Warren offers to locate individuals in Los Angeles County, California and throughout the United States. One can easily get lost in Southern California. A professional skip tracer can find people who have changed their residence, are in hiding, or are deliberately evading being served.

Using skip tracing databases that are not available to the public, Warren is able to find individuals and serve them properly in accordance with California State Law. His skip tracing tools include:

  • Criminal and Civil Searches of Address Updates and the Verification of Address Phone Numbers
  • Local Public Record Searches 
  • Number Database Searches
  • Post Office Box Searches 
  • Postal Forwarding and Change of Address Searches 
  • Real Property/Marriage/and Business Record Searches 
  • Social Security Searches 
  • Surname Searches 

If your legal issues are hanging on and you want to make sure that the defendants or others involved are served with summons or other legal paperwork, then you likely need the services of a registered and bonded process server in Los Angeles County, California. 

Warren Batiste of Lachlin & Associates has mastered the art of locating and serving even the most evasive, clever, and devious people with legal papers. He will not let shifty defendants jeopardize your court case. Contact Warren today for more information. Call him at 866-494-1624 and let him help you locate these individuals in order to proceed with your court case.