Bill Collections

Collection Services

For some business owners, debt collection can be a challenging and frustrating task. It’s sometimes a difficult responsibility to collect past due bills from people who owe money. This is where Warren Batiste of Lachlin & Associates comes in.

He provides first-rate collection services at rates that won’t break the bank. Count on him to deal with your debtors in a friendly but firm manner. Depending on your case, he will employ different strategies and techniques to legally obtain the money you deserve.

Judgment Recovery

Bill Collection

Aside from collection services, Warren offers judgment recovery solutions. He assists those who have won judgments in court. With his help, individuals and businesses can easily identify and collect the money awarded to them in a civil court case.

Contact Warren today to learn more about his services. You may also get in touch with him to request a free quote. He proudly serves clients in Los Angeles County and other areas in California.